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Past Exhibitions in 2008

□ Takuro Sugiyama -Hyper-Geometrsim- 11 November - 29 November, 2008

□ Hintobi -Dignity and Beauty- 1 October - 31 October, 2008

□ Retrospectare 3 September - 25 September, 2008

□ Sakurako Hamaguchi - STORY - 18 June - 5 July, 2008

□ Nobuo Sekine - From "Mono-ha" to "New Genesis Mono-ha"- 13 May -31 May, 2008

□ Natsuki Machida - Impulse of a Virgin - 4 March - 22 March, 2008

□ Opening Exhibition Issay Kitagawa -DEEPER IMAGINATION- 16 January - 23 February, 2008

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□ Takuro Sugiyama -Hyper-Geometrism- 
   Tuesday, 11 November - Saturday, 29 November, 2008

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition by Takuro Sugiyama "Hyper-Geometrism" that will be held from November 11 to November 29 2008.

Takuro Sugiyama’s can be the one who brings a new idea in the stagnated abstract expressions. All the abstract movements related to Geometrism shaved off subjectivity and focused on the expression of concepts in the 20th century. However, Sugiyama emphasises his personal subjectivity in his geometric composition which is made by points, lines, and masses. He has continuously painted abstract compositions that look like geometric forms since his study at school. He curiously creates an unrealistic 3D space that is restricted within his personal sense by elaborately piecing surfaces with colour that are constructed with lines. It reminds us Escher’s trompe loeil.

Moreover, Takuro Sugiyama’s creation is completely executed by only his brain and senses. His composition seems to be used of digital treatments in the procedure, but all the procedure for executing his paintings is analogue and illogical compared to our time which has been technically digitalised. We wonder how excellent man’s brain works and how mysterious it is at the same time.

Takuro Sugiyama Biography

1983: Born in Chiba and lives in Hyogo
2004: Graduated from Osaka Collage of Art
2004: Solo exhibition, Osoblanco, Osaka ('06)
    Japan-China Art Exchange, Shanghai University, China
2007: Solo exhibition, Gallery58, Tokyo
Solo exhibtion, space gallery roundish, Osaka
2008: Art Osaka 2008 (YOD Gallery), Osaka

Closing day: Every Sunday and Monday

Opening reception: Starting from 18:00 on 10th November

□ Pictures

Untitled (each)
Acrylic on Boards, 2008
90.9 x 72.7cm

Acrylic on paper laid on board, 2008
94.5 x 200.0cm

Acrylic on Boards, 2008
50.0 x 72.7cm

Acrylic on Boards, 2004
103.0 x 364.0cm

□ Hintobi -Dignity and Beauty- 
   Issay Kitagawa x Kenshu Shintsubo
   Wednesday, 1 October - Friday, 31 October, 2008

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to present the artworks by Hintobi (the art unit by Issay Kitagawa and Kenshu Shintsubo) in their exhibition, "Dignity and Beauty" in Osaka.

Hintobi formed as an art unit in 2007 by Issay Kitagawa (artist, graphic designer and art director of GRAPH: he held our opening exhibition) and Kenshu Shintsubo (photographer). They had a clear mission to show their works as a unit, even though they collaborate in many advertisement and design projects. Whilst the realm of “Art” has always existed, the realm of “Design” progressed commercially after the war in Japan. Now is the time to create a new sense of value in “Art” and “Design” by going over the boundary between “Art” and “Design” .  Kitagawa and Shintsubo have launched a new art movement by departing from their original fields and by working as a unit.

The unit name “Hintobi” means, “I hope that the day will give us a hint for creation” (“hinto” in Japanese means “hint” and “bi” in Japanese means “day”). There is also a rhymed hidden meaning of “Dignity and Beauty” (“hin”, “to” and “bi” in Japanese mean respectively “dignity”, “and” and “beauty”). Shintsubo’s clean and decent photographs are edited under the direction of Kitagawa by arbitrarily adding the few essences of transformation, such as distorting a composition or cutting them into pieces.  Hintobi tries to find preciousness and dignity by paying attention to our everyday life.

For this exhibition, Hintobi creates a unique installation space by re-composing their works executed in 2007 and adding new works. These works are printed by using leading-edge specific technique on canvases with the generous support of DAIMU Co., Ltd. and AZ PLANNING Co., Ltd.  This advanced technology enables us to experience a complete new style of execution in the artworks.

Kawarukachi by Issay Kitagawa and published by Works Corporation will also be out on the exhibition starting day, 1st October. We will have a special package edition (150 editions with a catalogue of Kitagawa’s typography with drawings and Shintsubo’s unpublished photographs). Please ask our information on availability and price.

□ Closing day: Every Sunday and Monday, 24th and 25th October

□ Supported by DIME Co., Ltd, AZ PLANNING Co., Ltd, GRAPH

□ Opening reception: Starting from 18:00 on 1st October

□ Pictures

Inkjet and mixedmedia on canvas
111.4 x 80.4cm

Inkjet and mixedmedia on canvas
153.0 x 106.4cm

Inkjet and mixedmedia on canvas
159.0 x 297.6cm

Inkjet and mixedmedia on canvas
153.0 x 117.5cm

□ Retrospectare 
   Wednesday, 3 September - Thursday, 25 September, 2008

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>


YOD Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition "Retrospectare"that will be held from September 3 to September 25.

We have held 4 exhibitions and have participated one art fair, "ART OSAKA", since we opened the gallery in this January and continue our prospectus to show a new sense of value and expression with such assuming artists from the location in Osaka. It is a time to go over our activities and to review our fundamental ideas.

In this exhibition, we will have Issay Kitagawa, Natsuki Machida, Nobuo Sekine and Sakurako Hamaguchi works to verify our projects since our opening and to introduce our activities and artists to recent viewers. We will also add new artists, such as Takuro Sugiyama and Masashi Hattori, who were first introduced in the "ART OSAKA", with common understandings on our prospectus and great anticipation for our future activities.


Nobuo Sekine -From "Mono-ha"to "New Genesis Mono-ha"- 13 May - 31 May

Sakurako Hamaguchi -Story- 18 Jun - 5 Jul

□ Sakurako Hamaguchi - STORY - 
   Wednesday, 18 June - Saturday, 5 July, 2008

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to present the art show by Sakurako Hamaguchi in her first solo curated exhibition, "
STORY" in Osaka.

Sakurako Hamaguchi always writes her profession as a “Painter” in her résumé. Hamaguchi really loves executing paintings. Hamaguchi was recognized for the first time in Geisai # 2 in 2002 where she participated with her own stand. Kaikai Kiki, the company of the renowned Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami launched the Geisai art market to support cutting edge upcoming Japanese artists. Hamaguchi has won the prestigious Yoshitomo Nara Prize at Geisai # 2 and the Golden Prize at Geisai # 5 in 2004. Hamaguchi has also won the Mizue Grand Prize for her picture book in 2005. Mizue was first published in 1905 and has been one of the most important and influential Japanese art magazines in the 20th century.

Sakurako Hamaguchi has been seen as a symbol of the primitive painter from her pleasant paintings, emphasized by the use of intuitive colours and unique motives, which awake our experiences in our adolescent ages. We can see heart-warming and close contacts between many characters and various animals in Hamaguchi’s acrylic canvases. The fusion of passionate brush strokes with effusive primary colours and Hamaguchi’s view of unique world results in launching a relaxing atmosphere with the close affinity between her subjects and viewers. It is this primitive portrait and landscape of dynamic refrained from details that form the essence of Hamaguchi’s work.

This exhibition, “STORY”, shows Sakurako Hamaguchi’s paintings in a completely new style from her past exhibitions where she installed her works in the GEISAI art market style with her own stand. The gallery space is filled with only large canvases (over French canvas size 20) and scattered texts. It is composed with the visual additions to the paintings, which are arisen from an original “STORY” accumulated in each painting. In Hamaguchi’s strong prose literature works that have been acknowledged by the Mizue Prize, characters and mysterious animals play together in her unique world where there is no border between realities and fantasies. The relationship between these objects in Hamaguchi’s literatures seems to be not linked to her paintings, but they are complicatedly chained in fact. Symbol-like scattered small and large characters and animals in Hamaguchi’s texts on the wall are formed with abundant colours and powerfully layered lines into a harmony on canvases. The power of Hamaguchi’s direct approach to the canvas will be also manifested in her 'performance paintings' which she creates live at the exhibition, as an audience of such a happening we will get the chance to be part of her world. This exhibition, “STORY”, guide us to experience the internal relationship between Hamaguchi’s literatures and paintings in fragments or an aggregation of the entire space and make us feel her primitive dynamism in front of us.

□ Biography
Sakurako Hamaguchi was born in Kyoto, 1981 and graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Arts in 2001. She received the Yoshitomo Nara Prize at GEISAI#2 and the Golden Prize at GEISAI#5. She also received the Mizue Grand Prize for her picture book. She has energetically exhibited more than 5 times a year with her own stand in galleries, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, and her paintings have been already acquired by Japanese collectors.

□ Event

“Live Painting” by Sakurako Hamaguchi, on the large outside wall (162x260cm), starts from 17 June.

The process will be updated to show on the web site at any time.

□ Pictures
“Psycho-chan Diary”, 2008
Acrylic on canvas

“The Legend of Rabbit”, 2008
Acrylic on canvas

“1st Grade at The Mix Juice Junior High School”, 2008
Acrylic on canvas

□ Nobuo Sekine - From "Mono-ha" to "New Genesis Mono-ha"- 
   Tuesday, 13 May - Saturday, 31 May, 2008

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Gallery

YOD Gallery (Main Gallery for new works)

4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717
OPEN 11-19, CLOSE Sunday and Monday

Kyobundo Gallery (for past works)  Google Map>>>>>
5F Hankyu-17 Bangai, 1-1-4, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0012
TEL +81 (0)6 6373 0530

□ Talk Event
"Prospects of the 21st Century Contemporary Art in Mono-ha"
Start 15:00, 17 MAY 2008, YOD Gallery

YASUYUKI NAKAI (Chief Curator, the National Museum of Art, Osaka)
YOSHITARO SAKAUE (lecturer, Kyoto Seika University and
Kinki University, Former Director of Itami City Museum of Art)

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to present new works by Nobuo Sekine in his solo latest exhibition, “from Mono-ha to New Genesis Mono-ha” in Osaka. This exhibition will use the 2 gallery spaces in their entirety incorporating new paintings and a selection of sculptures and paintings from the last 20 years.

One of the most significant Asian artists of his generation, Sekine’s exploration of “Phase – Earth” results in works of painterly and thought provoking space. Following his critically acclaimed public art execution “Phase –Earth” in 1968, Sekine has continued his sculptures and public art in domestic and overseas as a director of Environment Art Studio. He first exhibited “Phase Painting” in 1987: three-dimensional canvases that are defined by flat surfaces with sequent membranes, raising a question about the two dimensional space. Sekine’s methodology seemed to be established, based in utter concentration in essential elements. Gesture and the Japanese materials play a key role in the making of his painting, during which Sekine acts in front of the unique canvas that are sequently layered with thin traditional Japanese papers. Each fragile gold leaf or black leaf is applied carefully after he violently scratches and cuts the soft canvas. Sekine expresses a new phase of painting that is related to both the three-dimensional space and the two-dimensional space. However, he suddenly stopped executing “Phase Painting” series several years later. After his silence for 15 years, he resumed executing “Phase Painting” series in 2005. These new works express his preoccupation with the relationship between the two dimensional and the three dimensional, and the more Japanese traditional medium, such as Washi (Japanese paper) with gold leaf painted with Iwa-enogu (rock paints). It can be said that his works are developed into a new stage as “the 21st century Mono-ha”.

□ Nobuo Sekine Biography
Born in Saitama, Japan, in 1942, Nobuo Sekine derives his time between Europe and Japan. Artist, Sculptor and Writer, he is one of the founder, such as Lee-Ufan and Kishio Sugao, of the avant-garde Mono-ha (Object School) group. Nobuo Sekine’s work, “Phase of Nothingness”, was chosen for the Venice Biennale in 1970 and a number of solo exhibitions followed afterwards in Europe. In 1978-79, “Phase of Nothingness” series were exhibited at 4 museums in Europe (Kunsthalle Dusseldorf / Germany, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst / Denmark, Kroller-Muller Museum / Netherlands, Henie-Onstad Art Center / Norway). Major recent exhibitions of Nobuo Sekine’s painting and sculpture were held at Kawagoe City Art Museum in 2003 and Tokyo Gallery. Nobuo Sekine also participated in group exhibitions, “Century City: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis” in the Tate Modern in 2001, the Busan Biennale (Korea) in 2002, “A Secret of History of Clay” in the Tate Gallery, Liverpool, in 2004 and “Mono-ha, Reconsidered” in the National Museum of Art, Osaka in 2005.

□ Pictures

「Phase Painting: Magnetic Field」 2008 <Exhibition Work>
Wood, Japanese ppaper, gold leaf and rock paint

「Cone of Egg」 1992 <Exhibition Work>


「Phase – Earth」 1968

「Phase Painting: Eternal Thing」 1988 <Exhibition Work>
wood, gold leaf Japanese paper

□ Natsuki Machida - Impulse of a Virgin - 
   Tuesday, 4 March - Saturday, 22 March, 2008

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Exhibition outline
The March exhibition of YOD Gallery will be holding an exhibition by Natsuki Machida, a rising young female artist from Osaka, born in 1980.

The word of “Virgin” forms the basis of Machida works. It can be said that a true story of love or a longing for someone will be firstly consummated by “uniting”, but what is the meaning of “uniting”? A “Virgin”, who waves in conflict and is distressed about the meaning of her existence, is represented as a transformed female figure with various emotions in her works. When she meets someone, a seed containing full of emotions is sowed in her mind. Additional interchanges and other meetings provoke more speculations in her mind and feed the seed which in turn blooms forth brilliant petals from her eyes and body. The multiple petals are symbols of her blind love expression towards an object or a sign of “an adult” in mind and body who has experienced a meeting and a parting.

The colour of Machida works is principally bright and vividly painted pink, but the dynamics of her emotion seem to be flat by the use of acrylic with the softness of its matière. This makes the viewer empathise with her fragile insistence and sentiment of her self. The multiple ripe petals painted in her works personifies her female passion. It appears not only visionary, but can also be interpreted as an aggressive communication tool to others.

This exhibition will also add an element of installation with acrylic paintings and figures. We hope you will enjoy experiencing the impulse of a distressed and suffered “Virgin” in our gallery space.

□ Natsuki Machida Biography

1980  Born in Hyogo, Japan
2005   Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School

[Exhibitions and activities]
2003  “Art Stage 74”, Osaka University of Arts
2004   “Art Jam 2004”, The Museum of Kyoto
2004   “Link Exhibition”, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
2004   “Imaginary Museum”, Kyoto OPA
2005   “Art Jam 2005”, The Museum of Kyoto
    Designed T-shirts for the apparel company “alcali”
2006   Group exhibition, Imura Art Gallery, Kyoto
    Illustrated 10th anniversary advertisement for the apparel
    company “VIS”

2007   Individual exhibition, “Natsuki Machida Exhibition”, Gallery Ami,

※ Pictures

<Upper> Heart (2007)
Aclyric on Watson Paper

Opening Exhibition  Issay Kitagawa -DEEPER IMAGINATION-
   Wednesday, 16 January - Saturday, 23 February, 2008

★ Exhibition View >>>>>

Exhibition outline

The opening exhibition of YOD Gallery will hold the art exhibition by Issay Kitagawa, who has been active principally as a graphic designer and an art director.

Kitagawa was born in Kasai city, Hyogo, and joined the design & print company "GRAPH" after his graduation from Tsukuba University. His unique and individual approach to graphic design, concerns about materials and possibilities using printing techniques are fused into the company policy, "Design X Printing = GRAPH". The scope of his activities have extended from graphic design, both in Japan and also overseas, serving as judges in world design competitions to lecturing at universities.

Recently, his art works and art direction skills were shown at "LUCKY LUCK SHOW" which was held at21_21DESIGN SIGHT (design museum directed by Issay Miyake in Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi) in the summer 2007.He created the stage setting where great masters of traditional comedy performed, such as Katsura Kobeicho and Issey Ogata, and the entire space in this evolutional event. He designed with the concept of "laughter", based onthe traditions of Japan. His works of art and installations were also shown under the title, "Lucky Luck Show by Issay Kitagawa". Rather than Issay Kitagawa as graphic designer, we were able to see him as "Issay Kitagawa as artist". We thought that this would be suitable for the opening of YOD Gallery and requested him to do so in order to
commemorate this special occasion.

In this exhibition, YOD Gallery will introduce new works of art that have been drawn out directly from Kitagawa's "Deeper Imagination" in the sleeping depths which exists in the basis of his creation activity as a designer. His works are mainly by mixed media that appeared by the process of the imagination stimulating the forming power in addition to his pursuit of the fields of the material, printing, and typography that had been cultivated whilst he is at GRAPH as head graphic designer. In design, it can be said that the purpose of design is to reach a shared concrete target in the relation between a designer and a client, such as circulation to the world and improvement in sales. However, the technique is reversed in his works of art so that only the deeper imagination can stimulate all of materials and shapes and involve them in putting flesh on his works.

The works that arose by such a process would make us fall into a curious sense that has not been shown via other materials and creative processes. We would like to search for a sympathy point with viewers starting with this special sense. We are aiming to find a new-age shape of art with all of you through Issay Kitagawa's works at YOD Gallery.

Issay Kitagawa Biography

Born in Kasai-city, Hyogo Prefecture in 1965.
Graduated from Tsukuba University.
Head Designer of GRAPH (present)
Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)
Member of Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA)
Member of Tokyo Type Directors Club (Tokyo TDC)

Please see his many exhibitions and works at

Reception Party
YOD Gallery, starts from 18:00, Tuesday, 15th January 2008.

※ Pictures
<Upper> Unexpected Incident(2007)
Acrylic on Special Canvas
<Middle> Bringer of Good Luck(2007)
Mixedmedia 110×80.3cm
<Lower>Unexpected Incident(2007)
Acrylic on Special Canvas 70×50cm